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C06 Heavy Duty Programmable Tab Cutter

The Onglematic 6 models make it possible to cut tabs and indexes.
Dividers are easily and rapidly cut, immediately as you need them, according to the colours and the number of tabs you wish.

Indexes can be cut within the page format. The tabs do not stick out of the document, so they are hard-wearing.

The Onglematic 6 models allow you to cut documents that are not (or not yet) bound. Different tab shapes are interchangeable.
You can choose among 4 Onglematic 6 models, according to the formats and quantities of sheets you want to cut (see characteristics)

  • Features

    • Digital adjustment
    • Storage of up to 64 programs (for the Onglematic 6P+ and 6P+ GP)
    • Automatic cutting by foot switch activation
    • Automatic advance or manual advance after each cut
    • Can cut 70 g, 180 g, 250 g, 500 g sheets, cardboard and polypropylene
    • Safety : everybody works safely, as there is no access to the blades
    • Productivity : 500 sets of 9 tabs can be cut in less than 2 hours with the Onglematic 6A4 and 6P+  and in less than 1 hour with the Onglematic 6A4 GP and 6P+ GP (220 g sheets)
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