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C05 P+ Manual Tab Cutter

A Semi auto tab cutter that can be programmed to cut variable length tabs on any length up to 320mm, making this a fast, accurate and versatile machine.
Manual Chop action
Electronically controlled positioning with auto or manual step to next tab
Cut 2 - 31 part sets
Can be programmed to cut tabs on any length up to 320mm
Evenly sized tab length or variable length tabs can be cut
Programmable for repeat jobs
Accurate cutting
Can cut Index or Island Tabs
Can cut 10-15 sheets (80gsm) in 1 chop
Can cut tabs in a wide variety of materials and weights

  • Features

    • Storage of up to 64 programs
    • Electrical positioning of the stop
    • Manual cutting by simply pushing the handle down
    • Can also be used as a simple straight cutting device (Cut length : 320mm)
    • Can cut 10-15 sheets of 80g. paper at once (can also cut 180g, 250g, 500g, cardboard and polypropylene)
    • Width of the documents from 70mm
    • Magnetic lateral stop and ruler
    • Tab depth up to 18mm (except for inclined double round corner option : fixed depth of 12,7 or 15mm)
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