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Graphic Whizard 8000

Up to 8000 per hour. Available with electric solenoid or pneumatic options.

Graphic Whizard numbering and perforating machines all feature the unique adjustable-depth perf/score system. Sets can be part-perforated in one pass (ie 3 out of 4 sheets perforated, bottom last sheet left unperforated). G-Whiz numberers perforate and score before the sheet is numbered, sheets are held in position by three sets of gripper wheels whilst being perforated or scored. Other manufacturers perforate and score on a single set of exit wheels after being numbered, with the resulting run-off in the perforation accuracy.

  • Features

    • Up to SRA3 landscape or portrait can be fed
    • Crash numbers up to a 10 part set
    • Up to 10 numbers per head per sheet
    • 1 or 2 numbering heads (heads number and lock through 360 degrees)
    • Table-top model, stand optional
    • Feeds glued sets from either open or glued edge
    • Adjustable depth perf/score
    • Perforating options: 2, 4, 6, 8,12,16 TPI
    • Microperf options: 42, 72 TPI
    • Scoring options: wide (standard) or narrow
    • Optional slitting blade available
    • Repeat number x2 x3 x4
    • 0.010" numbering registration
    • Automatic feeder
    • Microprocessor controlled for simple Programming
    • Pneumatic numbering heads, compressor-operated
    • Up to 8000 sheets/sets per hour · 100-job memory to store regular jobs
    • Up to 100 numbers per head per sheet
    • Floor standing, mobile
    • Microprocessor controlled with forward and backward tepping for easy pogramming
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