Ideal/EBA 4850

The EBA/IDEAL 4850 offers both electro-mechanical drive of the cutting blade and automatic clamping in a simple to operate guillotine that comes on its own table. LED lights produce a highly visible cutting line while hand positioning of the back gauge is controlled through a precision scale and spindle drive.

EBA/IDEAL’s Safety Cutting System is employed to ensure absolute reliability in cutting. Side lays make sure that even the smallest piles are positioned exactly for cutting. The EBA/IDEAL 4850-95 covers a range from 475mm cutting length to 30mm and with a maximum 80mm cutting height. 

  • Features

    • Powered cutting action
    • Automatic clamping
    • Transparent hood locks during cutting
    • Patented EASY-CUT activating bars
    • Blade depth adjustment from side of the guillotine
    • Cutting stick replacement from side of the guillotine
  • Downloadable Spec Sheet

  • Suitable Product Supplies

    • Ideal Cutting Sticks
    • Ideal Blades

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Ideal 4810, 4850 and 6550 Professional Programmable Guillotines from Ashgate

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