Ideal/EBA 4315

The EBA/IDEAL 4315 is the entry level bench top electric guillotine to handle formats up to A3. It includes the full EBA/IDEAL Safety Cutting System feature package which covers transparent hoods over front and rear tables, two-hand operation, and automatic blade return.

The EBA/IDEAL 4315 has a maximum cut depth of 40mm for 500 sheets of paper, a fast action flick position clamp and hand operated back gauge with digital read out.

  • Features

    • Digital display for accurate positioning of cutting line
    • Optical cutting line from LED lamps
    • Patented EASY-CUT activating bars
    • Fast action flick position clamp
    • 40mm cutting depth
    • Maximum 430mm cutting length, 35mm minimum
    • Easy change cutting stick
    • Option of stand or cabinet
  • Downloadable Spec Sheet

  • Suitable Product Supplies

    • Ideal Cutting Sticks
    • Ideal Blades

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Ideal 4305, 4315 and 4350 Office Guillotines from Ashgate

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