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Fastbind C500

The new Fastbind C500™ is a heavy-duty creaser with new innovations to make large-format, premium creasing easier than ever before. The C500™ is easy to operate and extremely powerful. A new, innovative creasing mechanism means you need even less manual force to make a perfect crease. The C500 effortlessly creases paper materials up to 500 mm long. Regardless of the stock, the handle lifts and creases easily and consistently with excellent quality results.

The C500™ also uses new innovative paper guards for optimised creasing in soft cover production. The guards allow you to easily position the soft cover to correctly space the four creases for the cover fold. In addition, a side guide ensures perfect 90-degree alignment of creases. All scales on the C500™ are in both millimeters and inches.

  • Features

    • Manual creasing for large format
    • Dual alignment guides
    • 1-4 creases with one setup
    • Precise creases
    • Creases up to 400 g/m² (225 index) card
    • Adjustable creasing pressure
    • Compatible with Fastbind FotoMount Binders, Fastbind BooXTer Binders and Fastbind Hot Melt Binders.
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