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Fastbind BooXTer Trio

The new BooXTer Trio™ adds semi-automatic operation to simplify your work process. BooXTer Trio™ is ideal for serial production. Simply place the paper block into the machine and press the start button. BooXTer Trio™ recognises the sheet format automatically and accurately places staples based on the selected program (manual, single-sided, double side, and more). Custom programs can be added as need. BooXTer Trio™ supports formats up to 325 mm.

The BooXTer Trio™ can be expanded with the Fastbind Cover Setter™. Together with cover setter, hard cover books can be bound, such as photo albums and year books. Fastbind also offers a large range of pre-made covers and binding supplies for photo books and strip backs.

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Fastbind BooXTer Trio™ from Ashgate

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