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CreaseMatic Auto 50 Touch

Designed for higher volume digital printers and litho printers, the new high speed SRA2 suction fed model is available at a price level normally associated with A3 models.

The CM Auto 50 is a fully programmable card creaser using a matrix style crease, this crease prevents toner cracking when folding digitally printed card. A rotary perforating system is fitted as standard. The latest model features the new Touch Screen display, making programming and operation simple to use.

Up to 8000 sheets per hour can be creased using a bottom feed suction system for continuous production. The crease can be programmed anywhere along the length of the sheet. Up to 29 creases per sheet can be programmed with 99 memories for regular jobs. Stock can be creased in sizes from CD to SRA2 (max sheet 500 x 700mm).

Many A3 printers will benefit from the ability to run A3 on the long-edge allowing jobs such as wine bar and restaurant menus to be creased. A3 printers will also be able to make use of the 500mm crease width which will allow other jobs such as 2 x A4 letter fold jobs to be produced 2-up, halving the run length.

The CM Auto 50 is supplied with four creasing width tools to cover the stock range of 80-350gsm. 3 creasing tools are steel matrix, the 4th is a matrix bar to which Channel Matrix self-adhesive matrix can be attached. These Channel Matrix are available in many sizes and are inexpensive to use, they have proved very popular for creasing lightweight stocks 80-150gsm. This system is popular for providing a single point crease rather than the square box crease made by the metal tool, especially useful if the job is to be stitched. 

  • Features

    • Automatic card creasing machine
    • Touch screen operation
    • Up to 8000 sheets per hour
    • Up to 35 creases per sheet on card
    • Max sheet size 500 x 700mm
    • Multiple job memories
    • 4 creasing width tools supplied to cover the stock range of 80-350gsm
    • Rotary perforator
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Crease Matic Auto50 Card Creaser from Ashgate

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