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Squarefold 104

The Kasfold Squarefold 104 provides a professional, perfect bound style of finish to stapled and folded booklets. Customers are choosing this new square spine as it allows the printed book title to be clearly seen when booklets are on the shelf. The Squarefold wheels up to the rear of the Kasfold booklet maker, with or without the trimmer. Simply lock the castors and the Kasfold/Squarefold will produce booklets with the new square spine which is becoming ever more popular with digital printers.

The Squarefold will run at up to 1800 books per hour, easily keeping up with the output of the Kasfold. The Squarefold is supplied with a KAS, purpose built mobile stand to align perfectly with the Kasfold or KAS trimmer exit height. Finished booklets are stacked in the built-in catching tray. Controls on the Squarefold are simple, there are three book thickness settings and a by-pass mode should you have a job which doesn’t need this square spine finish. The Squarefold can also be used as a hand-fed, bench-top operation if required.

Booklets finished in this way lay perfectly flat, gone are the days of booklets that spring open. The square finish is equally useful on thin and thicker books alike. After 25 years of bookletmaker sales, Ashgate MD John Price has been totally won over by the superb finish which the Squarefold finish offers.

  • Features

    • Provides a professional, perfect bound style of finish to stapled and folded booklets
    • Produces up to 1800 books per hour
    • Works online with Kasfold bookletmaker system
    • Can be independently hand fed
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