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The Rolapress has been developed to work alongside booklet makers and the Fastbind Fotomount, lay-flat photobook maker. Spines on booklets as well as folded spreads can be flattened on the Rolapress, giving the job a professional sharp fold even on the heaviest of booklets.

Work stapled and folded on any booklet maker will always have a bulky feel to the spine, one or two passes through the Rolapress transforms the quality of the fold in seconds. Thinner booklets can be processed 5-10 books at a time, thicker books benefit from being flattened individually, taking just a few seconds.

Creased and folded spreads, especially laminated spreads, being used on the Fastbind Fotomount lay-flat photobook maker, also benefit from the sharp Rolapress finish.

To use the Rolapress simply position the sheets or books against the lay and slide the pressing roller up and down the folded edges, giving a crisp, flat finish to your work. The Rolapress can be used left or right handed.

Folded sheets and booklet sizes from individual CD size through to 460mm x 460mm can be processed. 

  • Features

    • Manual, booklet press
    • Flattens booklets
    • Simple to use
    • Adjustable booklet stop
    • The Rolapress can be used left or right handed
    • Compatible with: Fastbind Fotomount and Kasfold bookletmaking system
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