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Kasfold 5000R

Specifically designed to meet the requirements of the digital print market (whilst remaining 100% litho friendly).
The Kasfold 5000 model has many innovative design concepts providing a reasonably priced solution to short-run booklet production in digital print shops.

The Sprint 5000 happily produces the highest quality of booklet without marking the cover or inside sheets.
The success of the Kasfold is based on experience gained from over 1400 Kasfold installations in the UK.
The Kasfold 5000 also corner and side staples A4 sets without folding.

The Kasfold 5000 produces A4, A5 and A6 finished size booklets at up to 1500 per hour. Each collated set is fed into the booklet maker by hand, the machine takes over and the set is jogged from both sides, centre stapled, folded and front edge trimmed if required.

  • Features

    • Ideal for short run book production
    • Produces up to 1500 books per hour
    • Up to 25 sheets + cover (100pp)
    • A5 -SRA3 sheets sizes
    • 66 gauge staple heads
    • Pro-clench flat clenched staple finish
    • Low staple warning system
    • Compact design needing only 46 x 61 cm when stored
    • Quiet operation
    • Floor standing
    • High capacity conveyer, stacks even the heaviest of books and folds away for easy storage when not in use
    • Corner and edge stapling
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Kasfold Booklet Making Systems from Ashgate

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